Hire Faster & Accurately

Our technology makes finding and hiring qualified candidates fast and efficient.


What makes us different
No resume to read, score based solution powered by our AI to screen the candidate's qualification, so you don't have to go over every candidate to find the one you need.

Maximize Efficiency

Spend less time going over each candidate and their resumes. Score based system backed by our AI will screen the candidate's qualifications for you.

Minimize Overhead

With less time spent on going over each candidate and their qualifications, you can dramatically reduce the time spent looking for a candidate.

Instant Result

Candidates qualification and match for the job posting is instant. Our technology will display the most qualified candidates for you to review and begin the next step.

How It Works

A unique approach to recruitment
There are no resumes to read, the ideal intervention by an AI to evaluate the candidate, so you don't have to. Saves you time to do everything else you need to do.

Step 1

Create a job posting

Post a job by creating a questionnaire relevant to the job requirement and the needs of the employer. Assign an appropriate weight to each question to maximize accuracy.

Or pick a template we already prepared for the job and edit the questionnaire as needed to fulfil your needs.

Step 2

Advertise with QR code

Advertise the job posting online or by printing a poster with the QR code for the job posting. QR code can either lead to the job posting on Swift Scout's employer web portal or begin the application process via SMS.

Step 3

Apply via SMS or web portal

Candidates do not even need to be online. The application can be submitted via SMS or WhatsApp. Our interactive chatbot will handle asking questions and processing the answers instead of filling out forms on the web portal.

Step 4

Pick the best candidates

As an employer, all that's left for you is to select the most qualified candidate(s) for the next phase. No need to spend time going over every single resume, just select the candidates with the highest score.


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